I Forgot My Youtube Channel Email

By | May 26, 2022

Losing a Youtube account whether accidentally or by Youtube terminating your account can be devastating especially if you have so much to do there. The fact that you can only sign in through your Google account makes it easy to recover your youtube account. If you are using android, and you deleted your Youtube account by mistake, all you have to do is to visit Playstore, download, and sign in via your Gmail account to recover your Youtube account on android.

So, quickly, how do you recover youtube accounts on android? To recover your youtube account on Android, you need to have access to the google account that was linked to it. If you no longer have access to it, you will have to recover it because, without it, you can’t recover your youtube account. To get started here is how to recover your Gmail account for Youtube

How To Recover Gmail Account For Youtube

  • On your browser
  • Click
    forgotten email below the email address box
  • Type
    the email address or phone number if you can’t remember the email
  • Click
    Next and enter the name on your google account
  • Request for a verification code by

  • Copy it and paste on the box displaying on your screen
  • The email address and name on the account will display
  • Click
    on it
  • Add
    the password
  • If you can’t remember,

    on Forgotten password
  • And follow the instructions to reset your password

With this, you will recover your Gmail account for youtube. Now, let’s proceed to how to recover Youtube accounts on android.

  • On your smartphone, Go to Playstore app
  • Download
    and install youtube
  • Sign in
    with your recovered google account
  • If you don’t remember your password,
    on Forgot Password
  • Follow the steps that will be initiated to reset it
  • Once done, log in
    with your Google account and password
  • And your lost Youtube account will be recovered on android.

How To Recover Youtube Account With Username

Before now, it was easy to simply sign in to your Youtube account with just your username. However, at the moment a Youtube username is not enough to recover a Youtube account. To recover a youtube account with a username, you will have to meet other requirements. To get started with recovering a youtube account with a username,

  • visit
  • Enter your username or email in the forgotten field
  • Click
    submit at the bottom
  • Enter
    the CAPTCHA style verification code when prompted
  • Click
    continue to confirm you are human
  • Choose
    a method to access your account
  • Either
    a password reset link to be sent to a secondary email address or
    security questions
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and
    continue at the bottom
  • If you selected the password reset link,
    the email account whose address you had entered previously and follow the instructions
  • If you chose the security questions answer them to recover your youtube account
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And that’s it! Once the step is completed, you will be able to recover your youtube account with your username.

How To Claim Youtube Channel

If you created your account before May 2009 and you haven’t signed in since 2011, Youtube has automatically connected your account to a Brand Account. you will have to link the Brand Account to an existing Google account to claim a youtube channel. This is how to go about it:

  • Visit
  • Sign in
    to the google account you would like to link to your Youtube.
  • Go to https://www.youtube.com/gaia_link
  • On the left corner is a box,
    your youtube username and password
  • Select Claim Channel
  • Log into
    your Youtube account with the google account you connected by clicking on
    Sign in
    at the Top corner

And you will land on your Youtube channel. With this, you have claimed your youtube channel.

How to Recover Youtube Account Password

With the evolution of so many online platforms these days, it is quite easy to forget your youtube password. The good news is that you don’t need to be worried about forgetting your youtube password. With just a few easy steps, you can reset a new password but you can’t recover the old Youtube account password. So, here we go;

  • On your browser,
  • Click
    on Sign in
  • Enter
    your email address and
  • Click
    on Forgotten password
  • Google will verify if it’s your account by asking you security questions
  • If this goes well, you will receive a mail with steps on how to complete the password discovery process.
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How to set up Youtube Account Recovery Phone Number

Youtube account recovery phone number helps you gain access to your youtube account easily if you lose it. To set up a youtube account recovery phone number, all you need to do is to follow these steps;

  • On your smartphone,
    your setting app
  • Go
    to google
  • Select
    manage your google account
  • Tap
    on “We Keep Your Account Secured”
  • Select
    Sign-in and Recovery
  • Under ways to verify it’s you,

    recovery phone number
  • You will be taken to the Sign-in page
  • Sign in
  • Then

    a recovery phone number and verify
  • If there is an old phone number there,
    you can also change
    your recovery phone number to a new one
  • Click
    on next to access your phone number

With these steps, you have easily set up a Youtube account recovery number

How to Recover Youtube Account Without Email or Password

It’s quite easy to recover a youtube account without an email or password. All you need to know the simple methods involved. To recover a Youtube account without an email or password, here is what you have to do.

  • Visit
  • In the email box, if you remember the email, include it
  • If you don’t,
    on Forgotten email
  • On the next page, click
    on Forgotten password
  • Select
    try another way
  • Google will send a verification notification to your phone
  • Click
    yes once the notification pops up
  • If it doesn’t come,

    on the
    another way
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number associated with the google account
  • Enter
    the code on the on-screen box requesting for it
  • Click
    on Next and you will be directed to where you can create a new password
  • Confirm
    the Password and ensure it’s up to 8 characters at least
  • Click on Save password
    when done

And without stress, you will recover your youtube account without email or password

How To Recover  Suspended or Terminated  Youtube Account

Once your account has been suspended or terminated by Youtube, It becomes a bit challenging to get it back. Your youtube account can get suspended or terminated if you repeatedly violate community guidelines, copyright infringement, or violate terms of service. If your youtube account ever gets suspended or terminated, you can retrieve your terminated youtube account by appealing through this form

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To recover a suspended youtube account, follow these steps;

  • Tweet
    @Teamyoutube on TwitterTwitter about the suspension
  • They will respond with a link to a google form you have to fill
  • This your best shot,
    take your time
    and fill it properly
  • Submit
    for review
  • All things being equal, the suspension will be lifted and your account will back
  • Once that happens, get a good hard drive and
    back up
    all your videos

It’s quite simple to recover a suspended or terminated youtube account. However, depending on what youtube thinks about your account, the suspension or termination may not be lifted especially if you had violated their policies after they had warned you via an email.

How to Recover Youtube  Account Using Yahoo Mail

If you had opened a youtube account back in the days when youtube accepted any email address, you will not have access to that account now unless you recover it using the Yahoo Mail you used when you were creating it. To recover your Youtube account using Yahoo mail, here is what you need to do.

  • Open
    a new Gmail account
  • Go
    to settings
  • Click
    on ‘Accounts and Imports’
  • Select
    ‘Import Mail and contacts’
  • A new tab will be open
  • Enter
    your yahoo mail and
  • A continue option will appear again,
    on it
  • The yahoo page will open,
    log in

    to your yahoo account
  • Click
    on agree
  • After successful authentication
  • Close
    the window and wait for a few seconds
  • Click
    on the
    Start Import
  • Click Okay
    to finish
  • All your yahoo mail and contacts will be imported to Gmail
  • When done,
    sign in to
    your youtube with the Gmail account

With these simple steps, you can recover youtube accounts depending on any method you wish to use. We hope this was helpful.

I Forgot My Youtube Channel Email

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