How to Get a Letter Postmarked After Hours

By | May 26, 2022

Mail Your Tax Return with USPS

Use the U.S. Postal Service®
to mail your tax return, get proof that you mailed it, and track its arrival at the IRS.

Federal Tax Deadline

The IRS considers a tax return filed on time if it is addressed correctly, has enough postage, and is postmarked by the due date.

  • October 17, 2022:
    Federal tax return extension deadline

Check Post Office Hours

  • Send to the Correct Address

    Check the IRS website for where to mail your tax return. Write both the destination and return addresses clearly or print your mailing label and postage.
    Where to Send Paper Tax Returns
  • Use Correct Postage

    Weigh your envelope using a kitchen scale or postage scale and apply the right amount of postage. Most tax returns are several pages long and weigh more than 1 oz. Tax returns sent without enough postage will be returned. Calculate Postage
  • Meet the Postmark Deadline

    If your tax return is postmarked by the filing date deadline, the IRS considers it on time. Mail your return in a USPS blue collection box or at a Postal location that has a pickup time before the deadline. Some Post Office
    locations offer extended hours and late postmarking for tax filers. Call a Post Office near you to find out if it will be open late on tax day.
    Find USPS Locations

For added peace of mind, you can buy a Certificate of Mailing at the Post Office. If your return is delayed or lost, a Certificate of Mailing is a proof of mailing receipt that proves you mailed your tax return on a certain date. (After you send your taxes, keep your receipt in a safe place. The Postal Service®
does not keep copies of receipts).

Certificate of Mailing Service

Also, when you use a USPS service with tracking, your tracking number will provide updates as your item travels to its destination, including the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery. You can access tracking information for non-signature items for 120 days (2 years for signature items). With the USPS Tracking Plus®
service, you can buy extended tracking history for up to 10 years.

USPS Tracking Plus

These mailing services apply a postmark to your return. If your return is postmarked by the IRS deadline date, it is considered on time. With Click-N-Ship®, you can pay for postage online and print a shipping label from your own computer. Generating a Click-N-Ship label with postage creates an electronic record for the label on that specific date, so it is important that you send your package on the shipping date you used to create the label. Your online Click-N-Ship account will save your shipping history for six months.

Print a Shipping Label

  • Priority Mail Express®
    • 1−2 business day delivery
    • USPS Tracking®
    • Eligible for Click-N-Ship
  • Priority Mail®
    • 1−3 business day delivery
    • USPS Tracking®
    • Eligible for Click-N-Ship
    • Eligible for Certificate of Mailing
  • First−Class Mail®
    • 1−5 business day delivery
    • Extra services available
    • Eligible for Certificate of Mailing

IRS Tips & Help

The Postal Service®
recommends that you confirm all tax information with a tax professional or the IRS.

Visit the IRS Website

How to Get a Letter Postmarked After Hours


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