Now More Than Ever Comma

By | May 26, 2022

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1. We are spending
more than ever
on education.

2. The United States is
more than ever
the prime mover in Middle East peace-making.

3. He hated her
more than ever, when he got that letter.

More than ever
before, the food industry is paying attention to young consumers.

5. Car drivers now pay
more than ever
for fuel.

6. It is therefore
more than ever
necessary that the recovery should be export led rather than led by domestic consumption.

7. But now,
more than ever, he was convinced that his theory was correct.

8. Pat Buchanan not withstanding, trade is booming
more than ever

9. But Nalgo leaders say residents need the service
more than ever
in the current economic climate.

10. This March, maybe
more than ever, we need the euphoria and emotion of the conference and NCAA tournaments.

11. Now
more than ever
it is important to be a force for change.

12. Yet I am now
more than ever
aware of the importance of this venture.

More than ever, clear thought and sound professional advice is required.

14. Now,
more than ever, the president will be a hostage to his own ethnic minority, the Zaghawa.

15. Our future competitiveness and prosperity depend
more than ever
before on technology and industry.

16. They need our help now
more than ever
before to exert massive international pressure on the governments,( institutions and companies involved.

17. The indigenous media need
more than ever
to promote lasting peace with justice, through ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

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18. Meantime, in Florida, the tourism industry is growing
more than ever, spurring thousands of new jobs, economists said.

19. In Drenthe, feeling
more than ever
the despised outcast, he found consolation in a human resting place.

20. We need ballistic missile protection now
more than ever
for three basic reasons.

21. The demands of the workers were
more than ever
focused upon political change.

22. After her mother’s death, Sara clung to her aunt
more than ever.

23. It’s hardly surprising then, that we get confused by the signals he gives out – now
more than ever.

24. That Magic Johnson will play another season and obscure the Clippers
more than ever.

25. Football fever has always been widespread in Thailand, but this year perhaps
more than ever

26. The number of households getting involved in the sport is growing
more than ever, according to San Diego Surf Cup officials.

27. Networks are making heavy profits from news, and on-air talent is being paid
more than ever
to communicate to the public.

28. In spite of a longer work day, employees were producing
more than ever

29. Cruise ships, already sailing the seas of the Mesoamerican Reef
more than ever
before, are gaining in size and frequency.

30. Ana Maria certainly needs her family around her now
more than ever.

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thanks to,
no less than,

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Now More Than Ever Comma