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By | May 27, 2022
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Schoology is an advanced learning management system (LMS) that allows students to access course content, utilize various resources, engage in discussions and digitally submit their assignments. Parents, teachers and students can easily interact with learning materials and their school community, whether they’re in or out of the classroom.

Schoology also allows students to easily review their grades, receive announcements and feedback from their teachers and write academic blogs. Moreover, parents can view their child’s activity within a single easy-to-use platform. These classroom advancements enhance connectivity and communication across any district. Depending on how your Schoology account was set up, you may use an email address or username. Follow the directions outlined below to log in to the Schoology website.

Email Login

Apart from signing in to your email account, your Google email address and password can also be used to log in to Schoology. The login credentials are often mailed to the mailing address on file within your school district. Start by visiting the Schoology website and click ‘Log In’ on the top menu. Here, you’ll be required to fill in your email address and password. Once you type in your credentials, click ‘Log In’. If you fail to receive your Google login credentials by the outlined date, it’s imperative that you contact your school’s technology teacher or building principal.

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Username Login

If you have a username, head to the Schoology website and click ‘Log In’ located on the top menu. You’ll be prompted to enter your username, password and the name of your school. While typing your school name, a drop-down menu will appear for an easier selection of your school. If you wish to save your school name on the current device or browser you’re using, check the ‘Remember my School’ box. Click ‘Log In’ to access your account on the platform.

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It’s vital to note that if you don’t link a valid email address to the platform, you can’t reset your password using the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. Nevertheless, your school’s technology teacher or System Administrators should be able to reset your password.

SSO Login

Schoology is linked to your school email via a Single Sign-On (SSO). To log in, you’ll need a password shared by another system, like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps. Feel free to contact your school’s support contacts if you’re unsure which password to use to log in.

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First, head to the Schoology login page and click on ‘SSO Login’ situated below the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. Type in your school name. To find out if your school uses SSO for login, drag the cursor to the right of your school’s name or postal code. If a green arrow appears, then you’re set to continue. Click ‘Log In’ to be redirected to the appropriate login portal to input your login credentials.

Using the Mobile App

You can easily create a new Schoology account using your mobile device by opening a mobile browser and heading to the official Schoology website. If you have a Schoology account, follow these steps to log in via Schoology’s iOS or Android app:

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Start by opening the Schoology app and tap ‘Find your school or domain’ to log in using your school or district. Tap ‘CONTINUE’ to access the login page. This option is ideal if you’re using the standard Schoology version or if you’re not listed in your institution’s Single Sign-On method. Students can also opt to scan a QR Code from this page. Type in your password and email address, and tap ‘Log In’ to access your student’s account.

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Privacy and Security

Parents and other interested parties are advised to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to better understand how their children’s login credentials are provided by their school to access the Schoology system. They’ll learn which personal information the website collects, the types of tracking technologies employed and the third-party service providers used by the platform.

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A T and T Prepaid Login

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