Where Is the File Tab in Outlook 365

By | May 27, 2022

We’ll have you back to sorting and filtering in no time!

If you are running Outlook version 1703 or higher, you may (or may not) have noticed that the option to sort email by ALL, UNREAD, MENTIONED and options for filtering mail by DATE and Newest have disappeared.  This change is due to Build 7967.2161.   Microsoft has changed the mail viewing options for Outlook in order to make room on the toolbar for the Focused Inbox feature.

If it hasn’t already, the change is coming to your inbox on a future update.

To find your version of Outlook go to



Office Account


About Outlook
. Your version of Outlook will be listed at the top.

On their website, Microsoft has stated that there is “currently no option to revert to the prior behavior” – so for anyone missing these features don’t worry! Your email can still be sorted and filtered, it just requires a bit of work.

How to sort and filter your email

To check how your e-mail is currently being sorted, check for the small triangle on the field of headers:

Outlook Current Sort

To sort by
or other
Filters, select the


button and select your choice from the dropdown menu.  You can also select
Arrange By
 to use options such asDate, From and other criteria.

Sorting outlook Unread, Mentioned

In addition to the options above, you can also use the
Filter Email
button located on the ribbon.

For more information on using Outlook’s Filter Email see Filter email messages on the Microsoft Support page

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Take advantage of the quick access toolbar to quickly access filters

Adding your filters to the Quick Access Toolbar can help you save time when filtering your email.  In the example below shows how to add Unread mail messages to the Quick Access Toolbar:

Click anywhere in the Outlook
box.  When the
tab commands become available on the toolbar,

right-click the Unread icon

and select

Add to Quick Access Toolbar

You can also use the
filter, but it will first need to add it to the ribbon.  To customize the ribbon,

right-click on the ribbon

and select

Customize the Ribbon

Under Customize the Ribbon

Main Tabs

click Home (Mail) > New Group

– select


and rename the group to


In the
Choose commands from column,

select All Commands

– scroll down to
Arrange by,

select the third Arrange By and click Add

Click the name of the group (Arrange by) under
Customize the Ribbon

use the UP arrow to move it under the Respond group

(this can be changed later if you would like to move it somewhere else.)
Click OK

to add the new group onto the Ribbon.

Right-click on the new Arrange by button


click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

For more information on using commands with the Quick Access toolbar see Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.  If you would like a PDF copy of these instructions for easy reference, it can downloaded from here.


Office.com: Fixes for recent issues in Outlook for Windows

Spiceworks: Topic/Missing bar in Outlook 2016

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Where Is the File Tab in Outlook 365

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