How to Figure Out Snapchat Email

By | May 27, 2022

You can find the email address from Snapchat of any user by using different tricks and techniques. Looking for a public profile is the first trick that you can use. Users with a public profile add their email address on the bio section, from where you can find it also.

You can use any email finder tools to find the email address by searching the username of Snapchat. You can also ask a mutual friend for help to provide the email address of that person if he has it.

Approaching the user directly is also an easy option to get hold of the correct email address of the user. You can contact the user via chat and request his email ID.

In this article, you’ll have all the methods to use if you want to find an email address from Snapchat.

Find Email Address from Snapchat:

There are a few methods below to find email addresses from Snapchat are listed down below:

1. Look for a Public Profile:

Snapchat offers users the facility to create a public profile, a user who has a public profile can add a bio or email address onto there.

Users can create a public profile on Snapchat and then can add their email address in the bio section. Other Snapchat users can see the bio and from there, anyone can know about the email id.

You’ve to search for the username and then you can know & have access to the email address.

The steps to look for a public profile are mentioned below:

Step 1:
Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2:
You’ll be able to swipe right from the camera screen to enter the next page.

Step 3:
Click on the
icon and search for the username whose email ID you want to know.

Step 4:
You’ve to enter the profile page of that particular user and then click on
Public Profile.

Step 5:
Just below the bitmoji, look for bio or email address.

public profile

If you find it there, then you can know about the email address, and you can contact the person on that email ID.

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2. Using BeenVerified Tool:

You can use a Snapchat username to search and find out the Gmail address effectively & quickly using the app called
The app of BeenVerified is one of the best apps that can help you know about a person’s Gmail address.

You can use the official website of the application to conduct a search.

The following are the steps to use BeenVerified:

Step 1:
Open the
official website
to search.

BeenVerified to search

Step 2:
On the username box, you need to type in the username whose Gmail you’re trying to find out.

Everyday Information

Step 3:
Next, click on the
button to start with the process. You’ve to wait for a few minutes while the tool obtains the necessary information related to the username.

username box

Step 4:
After searching, it’ll display the results stating all the other details including the email address of the user.

3. Email Finder tool:

Another way to find out the email address of a Snapchat user is by using an email finder tool you have. This tool is one of the most effective ones where you need to enter the username and search for the user.  After searching, the result will be displayed on the screen where it will show the email address.


  • The email finder tool is designed with an advanced program to find out personal details like phone numbers, emails, as well as other personal details from username.
  • It has an easy interface that will make it easier to understand how the app works.
  • It has a one-click search process, where you can search only after you enter the username and get the details at once.
  • You can share the information and save it in the form of PDF too.

Steps to Use:

Step 1:
Open the email finder tool on the device.

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Step 2:
You’ll be able to notice a white search box. Enter the username into the box.

Step 3:
Then click on
Search Now.
Immediately the tool will scan and look for reports that match your username.

After a few minutes, the tool will show and display you the results, which will show the email address along with the username.

4. From Mutual Friends:

If you want to find out the email of someone, you can contact one of the mutual friends or any of his Snapchat friends to ask them directly for his email address.

  • You’ll have to choose someone among your mutual friends to ask for the email address.
  • Snapchat doesn’t show the email address of any profile to others directly.
  • Therefore, you need to use indirect methods to get hold of someone’s email address.
  • You need to find one mutual friend to whom you can ask for help and get the email address. After you find a mutual friend, request him to provide the email address if he has it.
  • You have to be careful to choose a mutual friend who most likely has the Gmail address of the said user. From that mutual friend, you can obtain the email address of that person.

But if the mutual friend can’t help you in getting the Gmail address, you can try and guess the email address of the user after seeing their Snapchat username.

mutual friends snapchat

5. Ask on Chat:

The easiest way if you want to know about the mail ID of any Snapchat user, you can take the help of the direct method by asking the person via chats. This one is not only effective but a quick method to get to know about the email ID.

  • Snapchat doesn’t provide the feature to view someone’s email ID from the profile page.
  • But if you really need someone’s email address, you can approach the person directly via chat messages and request for his or her Gmail ID after stating the cause of needing it. Do not appear suspicious and creepy rather be polite and humble while stating the need for the Gmail ID.
  • This will not only save your precious time but you’ll be sure that you have got the correct mail ID as the owner as it is provided by himself.
Ask on chat

You can use the
Social Catfish
service to confirm the identities of different Snapchat users by providing details about them. This service uses the reverse image search technique to search and find more information about a particular user. It’s a global service and can be conducted worldwide.

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Step 1:
You need to visit the official website of Social Catfish, to begin with, the process.

official website of Social Catfish

Step 2:
Next, you need to choose the
Search type
as Image.

Step 3:
Upload the picture by clicking on the white box and then clicking on the green
button to conduct the process.

Search buttonto

Step 4:
It will take a few minutes to retrieve and gather the necessary and related information after scanning the image, and within a few moments, it will display you the report of the search result.

This search report usually contains the mail address along with other personal details about the user you searched for. From the search report, you’ll be able to find out the Gmail address of the user.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains all about the different methods and tricks that you can apply to find the email of someone on Snapchat. You can do it by looking for a public profile on Snapchat, using an email finder tool or you can ask a mutual friend to send it too.

Other direct alternatives like using BeenVerified, and the reverse image search technique of Social Catfish can help you see the email ID of any Snapchat user.

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