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Free Msp Accounts (Vip) 2022 | MovieStarPlanet Password , MovieStarPlanet was established in 2010. From 2010 to the present, that is, 2016. The main purpose of moviestarplanet is to provide socialization to children (8-15) years of age, and to provide them with fun. MovieStarPlanet has undergone many changes since it first opened. It is not similar to the one in 2010 and the one in 2016. The game is expected to close in 2017 due to the hacks, although the game is a secure system. However, this is not a conclusive information. MovieStarPlanet features people playing the game from approximately every country in the world. The abbreviation for moviestarplanet is MSP.

This name was initially used by the users, the founders who realized this did not see any harm in this. Hence the acronym is known as Free Msp Accounts. The hacks in the game are mostly based on account stealing, money tricks, level tricks. Thousands of people’s accounts have been stolen, most of them by hackers. Some people saved their accounts with e-mail addresses, but some didn’t. Since 2010, hackers ‘ hacks continue in the game. There has been discussion that Moviestar will be shut down because the quarterbacks are unable to deal with the hackers. However, MovieStarPlanet has not made any such statement definitively.


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Free Msp Accounts (Vip) 2022 | MovieStarPlanet Password






New Accounts




Additional information about MSP

Children and young people could join a virtual world with their own customized characters, MovieStarPlanet, movies and anime, to create able to work with their friends at the same time, they can do shopping, play games and so many other fun activities where you can meet new friends in moviestarplanet may participate in their own lives to “live” fun and a secure web space.

Developed in conjunction with leading education experts, moviestarplanet has a variety of learning elements’ built into games, for example, enabling children to improve their expression skills when creating movies. Children can’ share with each other and evaluate each other’s films’ of their own films.

Depending on the popularity of the films, virtual MovieStar will be rewarded with virtual fame and money so that users can have new possibilities for subsequent films. With the continuous development of virtual Moviestar, MovieStarPlanet offers a wealth of games and competitions that appeal to children. MovieStarPlanet was first developed with the collaboration of the Danish University of Education and a number of primary school teachers.

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Dress System

Retired clothing (or” rare ” clothing) is a group of clothing items that can no longer be acquired by normal methods on moviestarplanet.

VIP Account System

VIP status, Premium membership of moviestarplanet. (Regular VIP, Elite VIP and Star VI P)

currency in Free Msp Accounts.

Art Book:
Artbook Stardoll (of course, but never mind the Stardoll dress up game :D) is like a stage for those who play. You can create images and fonts by adding them from your friends.

the moves we can make within the game are limited. We can buy these just fine.


a kind of pet. but I think they’re much sweeter. They only live in your room. They grow over time. When you look at your friends ‘ boonies, you win Starcoin.

in many activities (making movies,playing games, winning games, sending and accepting friend requests, shopping, etc.) gain fame. It’s the value that raises your level in the game.(Imagine, in short, like XP)


– First, there must be no more than 5 players. When you enter the game, one person is the expert. The goal of the game is to be able to dress according to the concept. The person who chooses who is eligible is the expert. The expert is always different from 5 people. First of all, if you are an expert, then you will be replaced by another person. So the game is fair. You choose the appropriate one from the clothes on the side and wear them. The concept changes all the time. The member elected by the Surveyor the most times is 1. it happens and wins the right to spin the wheel. So he gets starcoin and fame.


So it is again played with up to 5 players. Everyone selects any word from 3 cards. So the expert doesn’t know who picks what and chooses the card that suits him. So the same as whoever wins. The winner of the most wins the right to spin the wheel. So starcoin and fame wins.


– It’s a simple game. So the person who gives the most correct answer among the 3 chic wins the right to spin the wheel. Fame and starcoin wins.

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So no more than 5 people. So the leading character makes 3 animations in a certain order and you can use your memory by lining up the incoming styles. The right to spin the wheel, who knows the most times. So earns starcoin and fame.
In the meantime, if you want to play one of these games with your friends, we can play between ourselves and our online friends by just entering the section for friends.

MSP photo sharing

The game also offers users the opportunity to share photos. Shared photos cannot be shared without being approved by the moderators in the game. Non-VIP users can share only 1 Photo per day.

Sending messages to MSP

For example, when you send a message to a person in the game, “how old are you?”“###### #####” as it goes.

Making MSP Look

You get Fame if your looks are liked by doing Look on moviestar, which will help you get level.

You’ll also get a chance to win a free VIP by offering your looks to the competition.

The fact that your looks get more likes also helps you become popular in the game. To make the Look, you can visit Film City on moviestarplanet.

Becoming an MSP Celeb

So what does it mean to be a drover in moviestarplanet? Being a drover on moviestar is a title given to you if you have 100 or more VIP friends. When you’re a drover, you get 10% more Fame than movies and autographs.

Becoming an MSP Jury

So what does it mean to be a Jury in moviestarplanet? Jury members can vote in contests at Free Msp Accounts. So the vote they use is counted at 1 vote. You have to buy a 3-month VIP package to be a Jury in Free Msp Accounts.

Becoming MSP Judge

So what does it mean to be a Judge in moviestarplanet? Judges can vote in contests at the MSP. So the vote they use is counted at 2 votes. To be a judge in MSP you must get a 1-year STAR VIP package

MSP Diamond Free Msp Accounts

So diamond is the only money you get in the game when you buy a VIP package. So with Diaomond you can get special items in the game and use some features that can be taken with Diamond. These are listed below;

  • Wheel Of Fame
  • Diamond Status
  • Fame Booster
  • Shopping Spree
  • Diamond Profile
  • Petpet augmentation
  • Petpet replacement
  • Special Greeting

MSP SC (Star Coin) Free Msp Accounts

Star Coin is briefly the general currency of the SC game. With SC you can buy yourself items, clothes and many things in the game. Winning SC in the game is pretty simple. When you enter the game, you can easily win SC by clicking on the gift icons and doing tasks.

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MSP Fame

So fame is what you need to level up in the game. So do quests in the game to earn Fame, ask your friends for autographs, special greetings, or make movies, look, or artbook. If you have purchased a VIP package, you can earn very comfortable Fame using the fame Booster or the wheel of Fame.

VIP is a premium membership on moviestarplanet. Players are not necessarily VIP; however, there are many advantages that come with a subscription, such as access to a few features, special privileges, and access to all VIP items. In addition, starcoins, diamonds and sometimes exclusive items come with VIP purchases.

Being a VIP

So the player can earn VIP status through direct purchase, the retrieval of the VIP gift certificate, or through a weekly contest or other competitions organized by the Free Msp Accounts.


It is also possible to make a direct purchase with an iTunes or Google Play account or gift card if the music player uses the MSP app when shopping.

Gift certificates

In addition, it is only possible to purchase the best level of VIP (Star VIP) when obtaining a gift certificate.


So the player can win 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 14 days of regular VIP free of charge by winning a weekly contest. So the amount you get depends on what category they win and where they are located.

In addition to weekly competitions, MSP staff can occasionally host a competition where players can win various lengths and VIP levels.










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