Black Charcoal Latte for Weight Loss

By | May 21, 2022

With Black Latte, a new type of weight loss product, the pounds should only tumble. Above all, sugar lovers should get their money’s worth with this product and still benefit from a slim body. The manufacturer uses activated carbon as one of the active ingredients.

We wanted to know what is behind this product and have dealt with Black Latte a little more intensively.

What is Black Latte?

Under the name Black Latte a food supplement is sold in powder form. The main active ingredient is activated carbon. By regularly taking the powder, the fat is to be absorbed and converted into energy. In this way, a quick weight loss is supposedly possible. At the same time the ingredients suppress the appetite and free the body from toxins.

We have tested Black Latte for 30 days

In order to verify the manufacturer’s promises, we decided to do a black latte test. In this test we were supported by volunteers. Over a period of 30 days our testers took the powder.

The manufacturer recommends a cure of one month. Within this period the desired weight loss should occur. Unfortunately we cannot confirm this statement. None of our testers could lose weight by taking the black powder. Any promised effect failed to materialise.

Neither did our test persons lose weight, nor was the body freed from excess fluid. And also the well-being promised by the black latte manufacturer did not come true for our testers.

The best alternative

Due to our results we have finished the test for Black Latte with a negative result. However, we would like to introduce our readers to an effective remedy that specifically helps with weight loss. For this reason we have compared the powder with an alternative product.

This product has already been positively evaluated by our readers several times in the past. In the following table you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of both products.

WARNING – Black Latte Experience Reports FAKE

During our research, we naturally also visited the sales page of the manufacturer. At the bottom of the page you will find testimonials from customers who have lost weight through Black Latte. Completely euphoric the users report about their experiences with the powder.

During our further research we had to find out that the manufacturer uses questionable methods. On the sales page, for example, there is the report by Jenny, 24 years old. This customer is said to have lost 17 kg within 31 days due to the product.


However, we were able to find Jenny’s photos on another sales page. Here she is suddenly called Mareike. The age and weight loss have remained the same. But this is only an example. We were also able to unmask the other experience reports on the sales page of Black Latte as fakes.

Manufacturer uses celebrities for advertising purposes


Right at the beginning of the sales page you can see photos of Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron. Allegedly these and many other celebrities would swear by Black Latte. The manufacturer even writes that the powder is the secret of the slim bodies of the stars.

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However, our research has shown that these US stars are not official advertising media for the powder and have not used it personally so far. The manufacturer therefore abuses celebrities for his perfidious advertising ploy.

Are there real Black Latte experiences and reviews?

Our previous research results have already brought some frightening things to light. However, we were interested in whether real customers have already had experience with the activated carbon powder. Accordingly we searched the internet for Black Latte experiences.

The first experience report we could find in a social network. Here a lady is very critical about the powder. Despite the regular intake she could not lose a single gram of weight. She even gained weight.

The second lady is also more than disappointed. Instead of great weight loss results, she lay in bed with stomach problems for several days after drinking black latte.

And men have also fallen for the promises of the black latte manufacturer. One customer writes that it is a waste of money and that it is better to do sports than to rely on such products.

Official tests and studies

The manufacturer really spares no effort to convince the customers of his product. So you will find certificates in the further course of the sales page, which should confirm the effectiveness of Black Latte. In addition the manufacturer writes that the product was submitted to tests and studies in Germany, USA and Israel. Accordingly, the effect has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Unfortunately, the certificates cannot be looked at more closely. And also further information about these alleged studies cannot be found on the Black Latte sales page. In our further research we could not find any evidence or information that these studies really took place. Accordingly, we assume that this is just another brazen lie on the part of the manufacturer.

What do experts say about the drink?

Laxatives and slimming products are often examined more closely by the independent consumer organisation. In this way ingredients and effects can be tested. This reduces the health risk for the user. During our research on the website, however, we could not find any information that Black Latte has so far been examined and tested by Stiftung Warentest.

Black Latte intake and dosage

The Black Latte should be taken daily at breakfast. To do this, put a teaspoon of the powder in a glass or cup of hot water. Afterwards the powder should be stirred well and should be drunk afterwards. The manufacturer recommends taking the powder over a period of at least one month.

When can an effect be expected?


In terms of effect, the black latte manufacturer makes really great promises. Users should feel more awake and fitter on the very first day. From the fifth day on the body is then in the so-called slimming mode, in which fat is optimally burned. With the beginning of the 10th day the weight loss results should already be visible.

The users should have lost so much weight that a new dress size is necessary. From day 21 onwards, the body mass is reduced and the excess kilos have disappeared. After 30 days, the user should have reached his desired weight and feel completely comfortable in his own body.

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Black Latte ingredients

This new type of weight loss product should contain only purely natural active ingredients. In this way the food supplement should be tolerated by all users. On the part of the manufacturer the following Black Latte ingredients are stated:

  • activated carbon
  • Coconut milk
  • L-Carnitine
  • omega-3

Activated carbon: This active ingredient is intended to prevent fat accumulation. These are formed very quickly through the intake of food and then settle as fat pads. Old fat accumulations are to be removed and in addition the activated carbon ensures that toxic substances are flushed out of the body.

Coconut milk: The coconut milk contained in Black Latte has the clear advantage that its ingredients stimulate the metabolism. At the same time, the self-cleaning process in the body is supported and the fat deposits in the area of the stomach and hips are actively processed.

L-Carnitine: Helps to distribute and remove fat. This also helps to remove signs of cellulite. At the same time, L-carnitine ensures firm skin.

Omega-3: The omega-3 contained in Black Latte Powder increases the hormone leptin in the body. This hormone is actively involved in the distribution of fat. The body cannot produce omega-3 itself, but must be supplied from outside.

Are side effects and intolerances to be expected?

There are no known black latte side effects from the manufacturer, as only natural ingredients are used. However, undesirable side symptoms or intolerances can also occur with such food supplements.

If you are allergic or hypersensitive to one or more of the active ingredients, we advise against taking the Black Latte powder. Apart from that, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take the product.

Where can I buy Black Latte? Amazon, pharmacy

First and foremost you can buy Black Latte through the official sales site of the manufacturer. During our research we also found out that the product is occasionally offered on eBay. On the Amazon trading platform, however, you cannot order the powder.

And the food supplement is also not available in pharmacies or online pharmacies. Often weight loss products are also offered in drugstores like dm or Rossmann. However, this is not the case with Black Latte.

What is the price?

The manufacturer sells the weight loss powder at a Black Latte price of 49.00 Euros. This is an already discounted price, as the powder would cost 98.00 Euro in the original. The special offer is, according to the manufacturer, limited. However, we were able to order the product at the discounted price throughout our research.

As a small note on the Black Latte sales page below the price, there is a note that there might be a VAT on top of the order price, which can vary depending on the country.

Can I make the Black Latte myself?

Both the activated carbon and the other ingredients in Black Latte can be bought separately in pharmacies or supermarkets. Activated carbon has been claimed to be effective in terms of weight loss for some time. Accordingly, it is quite possible to make such a product for losing weight yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

The manufacturer of Black Latte relies on activated carbon as the main component of the powder in order to guarantee customer success. However, it remains questionable whether weight can really be lost with this method. In order to leave no questions open, we have summarized some information for you.

Is Black Latte a Scam?

There are many inconsistencies regarding the powder and the related manufacturer. For example, celebrities are misused for advertising purposes and also the customer experiences on the sales side do not correspond to the truth. The manufacturer tries with all means to convince the customers of an ineffective product.

In addition, there is a dubious ordering process, which we have been able to associate with rip-off products on several occasions in the past.

Is this drink suitable for losing weight?

In our self-test we could not obtain any acceptance results. And numerous other customers whose negative experience reports we could find on the Internet have not lost any weight by taking the drink. We therefore come to the conclusion that no weight loss is possible by using the powder.

Is there a Black Latte Forum?

Many people use forums to exchange information about products and their associated applications. However, during our research we did not find any information that customers can also use a special forum.

Is there a recipe to make it yourself?

The term black latte is very well known in the field of detoxing and weight loss. In this way not only weight can be lost, but the body is also freed from toxins. To make such a drink you need for example

  • a coffee cup with oat, coconut or almond milk
  • one teaspoon of activated charcoal
  • a teaspoon of maple syrup

First the milk must be warmed up in a pot. Then pour it into a blender and add the remaining ingredients. Mix everything well and pour into a cup. As a highlight you can add some activated carbon to the milk.

Is Black Latte healthy?

Activated carbon actually originates from the medical field and is used here for gastrointestinal complaints, diarrhoea or poisoning, among other things. This is because the carbon binds the harmful substances and washes them out of the body. Recently activated carbon has also become known as a detox product. But it can also help with a possible weight reduction.

Accordingly, activated carbon not only supports the weight loss process, but also ensures optimal detoxification of the body. However, in some people it can also cause interactions. For this reason activated carbon should be used with caution. Excessive use also causes vitamins and minerals to be washed out of the body.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of certain medicines, such as the contraceptive pill, may be limited if activated carbon is consumed.

Black Charcoal Latte for Weight Loss