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Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Cheese

By | May 21, 2022

Elden Ring

features a variety of enemies, each providing a unique challenge for players to wrestle with and overcome. Such opponents can be unavoidable bosses pertinent to the story or typical foes that pose a surprising threat. However, among the most distinct adversaries in
Elden Ring
are invader spirits, enemy NPCs that function similarly to invading players. These unusual foes will summon themselves before players and engage in gut-wrenching combat. Invaders are far from the arduous dangers present throughout the Lands Between, the likes of which include hulking trolls, giant bears, and even legendary dragons.

Even so, invader spirits pose a formidable threat, chiefly due to the similarities they share with a typical player. They can attack, defend, and even heal just as players do, resulting in many long and taxing encounters. Being one of the first invader spirits players encounter, Mad Tongue Alberich is a testament to the outstanding capabilities of these unusual enemies.
His early appearance at Roundtable Hold
contradicts the immense effort and skill required to defeat him. Fortunately, one can mitigate the difficulty by learning
how to defeat Mad Tongue Alberich in
Elden Ring

Attack Before The Battle Begins

Before engaging in combat, Mad Tongue Alberich greets players with a bow. In doing this, he is incapable of attacking or defending himself. While it may be tempting to return his welcome with a kind gesture, they must instead capitalize on the invader spirit’s vulnerability. Taking advantage of Mad Tongue Alberich’s susceptible state will grant players a significant advantage in the battle and heighten their chances of beating him.

While Mad Tongue Alberich is bowing down, players must slink behind him and perform a Backstab. The window of opportunity to perform this devastating blow is slim, so players must be quick. Upon doing so, players must then fall back, as Mad Tongue Alberich will be none too happy with the surprise attack. He will be in critical condition, requiring him to use a charge of the Flask of Crimson Tears to recoup or risk dying.

Maintain Distance And Keep Moving

Elden Ring Split Image Maintain Distance and Keep Moving

Mad Tongue Alberich wields a gruesome-looking scythe and utilizes powerful magics in battle. His scythe allows for rapid far-reaching attacks, capable of cutting down players within moments. Such a dangerous weapon grants Mad Tongue Alberich the advantage in close-quarter combat. Being a skilled sorcerer, he possesses a powerful spell that launches deadly ice spikes at players. This magic allows Mad Tongue Alberich to assail players from a distance should they not engage.

This deadly combination of powerful weaponry and devastating magic makes Mad Tongue Alberich a formidable foe. Engaging in melee combat is a deadly gamble, and a ranged approach is not without difficulty either. As such, players must maintain their distance and continuously move when facing him. It is much easier to fight Mad Tongue Alberich from afar while constantly maneuvering around him and evading incoming attacks. Therefore, denying him the opportunity to use his scythe and allowing players space to attack or recoup.

The Best Strategy

Elden Ring Split Image The Best Strategy To Beat Mad Tongue Alberich

Mad Tongue Alberich is a fearsome opponent, especially when players take an unfavorable approach to battle. For players to better their chances, they must follow this straightforward yet effective strategy. Before the fight begins, players must Backstab Mad Tongue Alberich, inflicting significant damage with a single attack. From then on, players will need to keep their distance and wait for ample opportunities to counterattack with a bow or magic. These moments present themselves scarcely, meaning players should be attentive and ready.

Although this strategy lessens the strain of fighting Mad Tongue Alberich, players should always remain vigilant. Getting too close or attacking at an inopportune time will be a costly mistake. These errors would allow Mad Tongue Alberich to get within range and unleash his harrowing scythe upon players, possibly bringing about their untimely demise. Should players survive such an encounter, they must retreat and replenish their health when the circumstances allow. In the end, vanquishing Mad Tongue Alberich will be a much less arduous encounter.

Reap The Rewards

Elden Ring Split Image Mad Tongue Alberich Rewards

Defeating Mad Tongue Alberich will grant players a Furlcalling Finger Remedy and the Taunter’s Tongue. Players can use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to join other players’ worlds. The real prize, however, is the Taunter’s Tongue. This reusable item works to lure in invaders to one’s world. In addition, the Taunter’s Tongue reduces the cooldown time for invasions to occur and increases the number of invaders that can join to two. While this seems counterintuitive, it allows players to test their might against others without leaving their world.

Elden Ring

is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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Elden Ring Mad Tongue Alberich Cheese

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