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How to Modify the Oppressor Mk2

By | May 21, 2022

Where to tune the Oppressor Mk 2 in GTA Online? The special aircraft motorcycle does not fit with LS Customs. We’ll show you how you can modify the device with weapons such as missiles.

What is it about?
The Oppressor Mk 2 is a very special vehicle in GTA Online because it is a kind of flying motorcycle. Visually, the part is reminiscent of a motorcycle without wheels that is powered by a turbine. Everyone who has played GTA Online has probably seen it on or above the streets of Los Santos.

But if you buy such a vehicle yourself, the question quickly arises of where and how it can be tuned. Because with other vehicles you simply drive to the spray symbols on the map and pimp this vehicle at LS Customs. The Oppressor Mk 2, however, requires a special workshop.

Where can I modify the Oppressor Mk II?
To tune the “motorcycle” you need a terror byte.

If you don’t have a Terrorbyte yet, you can simply buy one in GTA Online.

  • Open the cell phone
  • Goes on travel and transportation
  • Visit Warstrock Cache & Carry
  • The Terrorbyte should be advertised high up
  • The fully equipped Terrorbyte costs 3,459,500 GTA dollars, the basic version only costs 1,375,000 GTA dollars

Here you can buy or renovate the Terrorbyte

When buying the Terrorbyte, make sure that you book the special workshop. If you already own a Terrorbyte and it does not have a workshop, just visit the Warstock website, click on the Terrorbyte offer and select “renovate”. The special workshop can be retrofitted there.

GTA Online Terrorbyte Workshop

Make sure to buy the specialized workshop

Tip: To be able to buy the Terrorbyte, you have to own a nightclub. Nightclub prices in GTA Online are at least $ 1 million. So this is a big investment to tune your Oppressor Mk II.

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If you still lack the necessary certificates, then use these ways to quickly earn a lot of money in GTA Online.

Modify Oppressor Mk 2 with missiles – price, weapons, discounts

The price with discount:
The Oppressor Mk 2 can be purchased from Warstock Carry & Cache. It costs 3,890,250 GTA dollars on a regular basis. If you buy a Terrorbyte before buying and do 5 client jobs, there is a discount on the Oppressor Mk 2. For 2,925,000 GTA dollars there is the flying motorcycle on sale.

The airplane motorcycle is regularly on offer at GTA Online and can then be purchased for less than two million GTA dollars.

Modify with missiles:
In the specialized workshop of the Terrorbyte you can change the weapons of the Oppressor Mk 2.

  • The standard machine guns cost 750 GTA dollars
  • The machine guns with explosive ammunition cost 275,000 GTA dollars
  • You can get the homing missiles for 180,000 GTA dollars
GTA Online Oppressor Mk 2 weapon tuning

The possible uses:
With this vehicle you can travel quickly. The good thing is that you can fly, hover and also follow roads. So there are practically no obstacles for you – except maybe water. This makes the bike ideal for solving treasure hunts where the clues are scattered on the map.

With the weapons on board you can also scare away the players who are chasing you. In GTA Online you will always find yourself in a position to have to get from A to B quickly. Here the Oppressor is ideal. But be warned.

The vehicle has a bad reputation because it is often used by griefers who destroy the other players’ cargo from above with the part.

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For us at MeinMMO, the Oppressor Mk 2 is one of the 5 vehicles from GTA Online that everyone should own.


How to Modify the Oppressor Mk2

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