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By | May 21, 2022

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SK8 the Infinity
English Dub arrives here and this is all the information that is necessary and relevant to the skateboarding anime series following the hardcore skates of the “S” in their secret and no-holds-barred competition past midnight where skaters race and beat each other along with their rivals or “beef” in an abandoned mine in Okinawa.

Reki is just another typical high school student attending school, with homework and activities to finish, exams to pass. However, at night, Reki is a hardcore skater competing in the “S.” Despite having an inferiority complex, Reki is competitive when it comes to skateboarding. In school, he meets Langa.

Langa Hasegawa is from Canada and he just transferred to the school Reki attends. One day, Reki and Langa went to the “S” where Reki introduces skateboarding to Langa and later on inspiring him to be a skater of his own. Langa is a natural, though, as even though he never set foot on a skateboard before, he’s a snowboarder which is kind of the same, just differs in what rink and one have wheels.

Bones produces the newest anime series about skateboarding and friendship and
SK8 the Infinity
is directed by Hiroko Utsumi.

SK8 the Infinity
is not just your typical and average anime series. It’s quite peculiar. Usually, anime series are based on the manga series. For the case of
SK8 the Infinity, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

The spin-off series of
SK8 the Infinity, SK8 Chill Out!, arrived along with the anime series. It’s unusual because spin-offs must’ve been based on an original manga series, right? For
SK8 the Infinity, the
seinen manga series
of the same name will just be released on March 2021, two months following the release of its spin-off.

Sk8 Chill Out!
by Toriyasu is the seinen spin-off of
SK8 the Infinity
manga series and is published in Kadokawa Shoten’s
Young Ace Up. The manga series is penned by Kazuto KĊjima and will be released via BookLive!

SK8 the Infinity

can be streamed online via Funimation in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Taking into account that Funimation is known for simuldubs of various animes,
SK8 the Infinity
is among the series with an English simuldub where the English dubbed version of the series is simulcasted alongside the original Japanese audio with English subtitles and is currently out on the streaming platform.

The English dub cast of
SK8 the Infinity
is as follows, Matt Shipman (known for his voice dub of Chrome in
Dr. Stone) as Reki, Howard Wang (known for voicing Cikiapasi in
Golden Kamuy) as Langa, Chris Guerrero (Yata of
Fire Force) as Shadow, Daman Mills (voiced Otonoshin Koito in
Golden Kamuy) as Cherry Blossom, Jonah Scott (Beastars‘ Legoshi) as Joe, David Wald (Golden Kamuy‘s Tsurumi) as Adam, Ry McKeand (Udo of
Attack on Titan) as Miya, and Brandon Johnson as Tadashi.

Funimation gives the privilege of one-week earlier streaming of animes under its library when one is subscribed to its premium access for the rate of $5.99 per month or $59.99 a year. As for those who have no premium subscription yet, no need to worry, after the earlier screening for premium users, they release episodes for free as well after one week.

SK8 the Infinity
is not only found
in Funimation, but it is also available through the streaming platforms of Wakanim and AnimeLab. AnimeLab makes available the title for those who live in New Zealand and Australia while Wakanim offers it to those living in France, Denmark, and Russia.

SK8 the Infinity
airs weekly every Sunday at 2 AM JST/ 12 NN EST via Funimation.

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Where to Watch Sk8 Dub

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