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Tier 2 Material Islands Lost Ark

By | May 22, 2022

It all depends on luck, yes, but reaching Tier 3 in Lost Ark might be easier than you think if you’re doing the right things at the right time. Let’s say you’ve reached Tier 2, and you’re now struggling to find the best way to get the honing materials that would advance you to Tier 3. Where to start and how to reach Tier 3?

The secret is in the efficiency, rather than the knowledge for getting the honing materials. So, what exactly should you know before you dive into such an adventure? Aside from the island activities, you can collect honing mats from different vendors and endgame activities, such as

Chaos Dungeons


Guardian Raids

Effective Tier 2 Honing Mats Route

Collecting these might be easy, but not as fast if you’re doing them in the wrong order. First and foremost, you need to head to
and complete the

!Main Story

to unlock



Abyssal Dungeons

item level is past us now,
is our next destination.

  1. White Wave Island

    – Complete the initial quest on the island. That is all you need to do.

  2. Aiwana Island

    – To get here you would need to go to
    Origins of Stern
    Arthetine and then accept

    !The Perfect Gateway

    quest. This quest will lead you to

    Aiwana Island

    The quest is accessible after completing North Vern’s main story.
    Completing this quest will lead you towards

    Gravis Island

    and then towards

    Hypnos’s Island

  3. Peyto Island
    – Complete the

    White Wave Island

    quest on


  4. Fomona Island
    – The

    !Adventure Quest

    Fomona Island
    can be completed with two different character genders, which means you can get repeated rewards.

  5. Little Luck Island

    – Complete the quest White Wave Island quest objective.

  6. Aiwana Island
    – Complete the

    !Adventure Quest

    and the hidden quest by interacting with the box on the island. Click the image to enlarge:

  7. Liebeheim

    – Get the

    !Adventure Quest


    and do not go to Shushire to complete it. You can do that at a later time.

  8. Revelry Island

    – Complete the

    !Adventure Quest

    and the

    !Normal Quest

    on the island


  9. Distorted Island
    – Once you get a

    Cube Ticket

    (can be dropped from your daily
    Chaos Dungeon) make sure you keep it if you haven’t visited

    Distorted Island

    in the mansion will ask you to do a Cube Dungeon at the end of the questline. After completing the Cube Dungeon, then you will need to return the quest back to him and in return, he will grant you some honing mats.

  10. Twilight Isle

    – Complete the

    !Adventure Quest

    and the

    !Normal Quest

    on the island.

  11. Gravis Island

    – Complete the

    !Adventure Quest

    and the

    !Normal Quest

    on the island.

  12. Hypnos’s Island

    – Complete the

    !Normal Quest

    first. Afterward,

    !Adventure Quest

    will appear on the island. Complete these two and interact with the hidden object in the Calvasus cabin (it’s a camera laying on the floor next to the chest).
  13. Return to
    and complete the quests.
  14. Return to

    White Wave Island

    and finish the quests.
  15. If you’re still missing materials, then make sure you head to

    Azure Wind Island

    and complete all of the puzzle quests there. To check their locations, click on this image:

    . After you do that, for sake of progression make sure you

    complete the final quests

    and get the

    Island Soul

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If you’re still having troubles, make sure you check the most rewarding Tier 2 Islands in Lost Ark and try to catch them off one by one:

  • Aiwana Island

  • Azure Wind Isle

  • Anguished Isle

  • Island of Mist

  • Twilight Isle

  • Metus Islands

    – Check this

    guide if you’re struggling with the
    “What Did You See”

  • Liebeheim

  • Distorted Island

  • Hypnos’s Eyes

If you’ve hit a roadblock, let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to find a way around.

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Tier 2 Material Islands Lost Ark

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