Animal Crossing What to Do With Pearl Oyster

By | May 22, 2022

Learn how to get Pearls by diving and its price in Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH). Includes Pearl shadow size, price, how to get, DIY recipes, DIY materials, and more!!!

Table of Contents

  • Pearls – How to Get
  • Pearl – Price
  • Pearl – Uses

Pearls – How to Get

How To Find Pearls

Shadow Size Tiny
Bubbles Floats straight up

Pearls have a very small shadow size, and their bubbles just float up in a straight line from the seafloor. If you see bubbles like the above, chances are it’s a pearl!

Dive Underwater To Get Pearls

Pearl Shadow

↑ This is the exact shadow of the pearl! Look for this in the water.

Just like all other Sea Creatures, Pearls can be found when swimming in the ocean. You’ll see black shadows in the water below, so press Y to obtain them!

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Pearls Are Quite Rare


As Pascal informs you when he gives you a recipe, Pearls are not a commonly found item. It will probably take you quite some time to collect these.
Make sure you hold on to all your pearls, as you’ll need them for DIY Recipes!

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You Can Get Pearls On Mystery Islands

mystery island

You can also get pearls by diving in the water of Mystery Islands.
However, spawn rate of pearls on mystery islands is the same as your own island.
It’s also notable that Pascal won’t appear over there, either.

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Get From Pascal

Get From Pascal

Other than furniture recipes and mermaid clothes, Pascal can also trade you a Pearl for giving him a Scallop! Since they’re rare, getting it through him is better once you get all the recipes.

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Get Unlimited Pearls

After you get all 21 of Pascal’s various rewards,
you will start to only get Pearls from him!

Pearl Oysters Are Not Relevant

There was a hypothesis that perhaps having Pearl Oysters in your inventory would increase your chances of getting a Pearl. According to some testing we did, this doesn’t seem to be the case! Pearl Oysters don’t really have anything to do with Pearls in-game!

Pearls – Price & How Much

Selling Prince Of Pearl Is 10,000


You can sell one pearl for 10,000 bells. However, since it’s hard to get pearl, don’t sell them until you’ve completed all the Mermaid Furniture!

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Sell To Earn Money Quickly

Sell To Earn Money Quickly

Once you’ve created all of the Mermaid furnitures that you like, you can
opt to sell Pearls to make easy money. Pearls are worth 10,000 each and selling them can easily fill up your bank account.

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Pearls – Uses

Use As DIY Materials


Pearls seem to be the “rare” ingredient for a lot of Mermaid Furniture. This furniture can be obtained from Pascal by giving him Scallops!
You need to collect total of 20 pearls in order to craft all Mermaid furnitures.

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▲This is what a room fully furnished with Mermaid items looks like!

You Can’t Donate Pearls To Museum


Although pearls can be obtained by diving, you can’t donate them to the museum. It is also not listed in the Critterpedia either, as it is technically a Material.

Use It As A Decoration


You can use pearls as a decoration as well. Just be aware that other players on your island can pick up pearls if you leave them lying around on your island.

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Animal Crossing What to Do With Pearl Oyster