Hulu Live Tv Sound Delay

By | May 22, 2022

Hulu is one of many streaming services that offer a wide range of movies and TV shows, as well as live streaming. Unfortunately, it would appear that Hulu still has many issues to resolve with their service, including problems with the audio or volume. This article explores different ways to work around Hulu’s sound not working.

Most issues with Hulu audio are related to firmware bugs, which are resolved through updates to Hulu and your streaming device. If no updates are available, you can try restarting your device or reinstalling Hulu. You may also need to change the audio settings and check your network connection.

Below I have provided more detail to working around each specific sound issue in Hulu. You may even need to check if your internet connection is causing issues, which I have also outlined in this article.

Hulu Sound Not Syncing/Hulu Sound Doesn’t Match Video

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The Hulu sound going out of sync is a known issue that Hulu are trying to resolve. This can be frustrating when the issue has been around for a long time. However, now that the issue is known, the key thing is to keep your Hulu app up to date so that any bug fixes that come through can be installed.

Update the Hulu App

You can update the Hulu app through your device’s app or channel store. Updating apps is usually done through your profile in the app store, where all your purchased/downloaded apps are listed. Once you find the Hulu app, there will be an option to update the app if one is available.

Hard Reset your Equipment

If your Hulu app is up to date and you are still struggling with the audio not syncing to the video, you should try to hard reset your equipment and device. If you can, unplug your device/equipment from the power, including any external speakers, and leave it unplugged for at least a few minutes. This will allow the equipment to drain its power and reset, clearing any errors that may have occurred.

If you cannot unplug your device, such as with a phone, try powering it off for a few minutes instead. Once you turn it back on, the audio should be in sync again. If it is still not working, try reinstalling the Hulu app.

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Reinstall Hulu

Reinstalling the Hulu app or channel will reset any settings that may be affecting the sound, and delete any temporary files that may be interfering with the stream. You can reinstall the Hulu app through the app store on your streaming device. First you will need to delete the app, then restart your device before installing Hulu again.

Hulu Sound Not Playing

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Before trying anything else, make sure your sound has not been muted. Some devices will allow you to mute the audio on the device, as well as within the app. Otherwise, you may need to change other audio settings on your device, detailed below.

Change your Audio Settings to Stereo

Some devices will default to using Dolby Digital or a different format for audio, which may not always be compatible with the Hulu app. If you are struggling with your Hulu audio, change your audio settings to ‘Stereo’ or ‘Normal’. This will be found in your device’s settings under ‘Audio’ or ‘Sound’.

Check any HDMI/Cable Connections

If you are using a streaming device connected to your TV, you should ensure that the HDMI cable is plugged in securely and that it is working fully. You can easily test the sound through your HDMI by using a different app or plugging in a different device, such as a game console. It is a good idea to also try different HDMI ports in case one has been damaged.

You should also check all cables connecting your external speakers (if you have any). This includes HDMI, optical and RCA cables. If any of these cables are malfunctioning, this will cause your sound to cut out.

Hulu Sound Not Loud Enough

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Huli has been known to have very soft audio during its normal playback compared to other streaming services. This is another known bug that is currently in the process of being fixed, and will require a software update. To increase the priority of these bug fixes, you should make sure to log the issue with the Hulu support team.

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Change your Equalizer Settings

Besides keeping your firmware up to date, you can try adjusting the audio settings in both the Hulu app and on your device. Hulu audio settings can be pulled down while streaming a video Within these options, you should be able to change the audio to ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’, instead of ‘Full Dynamic Range’.

This will dampen some of the louder sounds so that you can turn the overall volume up. Another way of achieving this is through your device’s audio settings. Most TVs/devices have an equalizer option that adjusts the sound using presets, such as ‘Cinema’ or ‘Dynamic’. Try different options to make the volume more uniform.

Hulu Sound Skipping/Hulu Sound Keeps Cutting Out

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Check your Internet Connection

The sound within the Hulu app may be skipping due to poor internet connection or slow download speeds. Hulu recommends the following download speeds as a minimum to stream without any issues.

  • Streaming in Standard Definition: 1.5MB/s
  • Streaming in High Definition (720p): 3MB/s
  • Streaming in High Definition (1080p): 6MB/s
  • Live streaming: 8MB/s
  • Stream 4K or Ultra HD content: 16MB/s

You can test your network connection using websites such as If your connection is too slow, you can lower the streaming quality to suit your download speed through your account settings.

In order to improve your internet connection, try moving your modem closer to the streaming device (such as the TV). Ideally they should be in the same room, but can be up to 30 feet apart. If they are close enough, unplug your modem and router for at least one minute to restart them and re-establish a stronger connection.

You should also minimise interference from other devices and objects in your home. Other networks, Bluetooth devices, radios and microwaves can all interfere with the signal. You should also make sure nothing is blocking the signal, such as thick timber or concrete walls, large bodies of water (such as an aquarium) or metal.

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Clear the App Cache

Another thing that can cause the sound to skip or cut out is an overloaded cache. The cache normally stores temporary data files that help the Hulu app run smoothly and load faster. If this becomes overloaded, which can happen over time, you could experience freezing, crashing or the sound issues mentioned above.

Reinstalling the Hulu app will automatically clear the cache and other temporary data files, but you can do this separately on some devices. If your device has the option to clear the app cache, you should be able to do this through ‘Settings’, under ‘Applications’. Once you find the Hulu app, there should be the option to ‘clear data’ or ‘clear cache’.

Hulu Audio Won’t Stop Playing

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Hulu audio has been noted to continue playing, even when loading new content to watch. This results in the new audio playing over the top of the old audio, making it very hard to watch anything. This seems to mostly be an issue with the Hulu app on Apple TVs.

This is a bug that requires a fix through regular firmware updates, to both the Apple TV and Hulu app. However, in the meantime, the issue should be resolved by restarting the Apple TV (or other streaming device).

Hulu Volume Too Loud

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The Hulu volume is normally quite soft during playback, as mentioned earlier. However, once a show cuts to advertisements, the volume instantly becomes too loud, making it hard to find the perfect volume.

As with the issue of the volume being too soft, this might be fixed through a future firmware update. In the meantime, you should try adjusting your audio settings in the Hulu app and on your streaming device to find an ideal equalizing setting.

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