Audio in Fortnite Not Working

By | May 22, 2022

If you are in Egypt you won’t be able to use voice chat in Fortnite due to the country blocking VOIP technology.

There are a few reasons your voice chat might not be working in Fortnite, but we have some troubleshooting steps that solve the most common issues.

  • Check the Community Issues Trello board
  • Check the Epic Games server status
  • Turn up your voice chat volume
  • Check your Fortnite voice chat channels
  • Adjust the parental control settings
  • Open required network ports
  • Xbox troubleshooting
  • PlayStation troubleshooting
  • Nintendo Switch troubleshooting
  • PC troubleshooting
  • Mac troubleshooting
  • Adjust the SIP-ALG router setting

Check the Community Issues Trello board

Our Fortnite Community team updates this Trello board wiht the latest known issues which may include voice chat problems. Be sure to check out the board first for the latest information to see if there are any known voice chat issues.

Check the Epic Games server status

Check the Epic Games Server Status page to make sure all systems are operational. If voice chat is affected by an outage or system-wide issue, your issue may be fixed when the outage is resolved.

Turn up your voice chat volume

Be sure your volume is turned up (50% or higher) so you can hear it. If the volume is too low or the volume of your headset or speakers is too low, you won’t able to hear your teammates.

Check your Fortnite voice chat channels

Make sure you’re in the right voice chat channel. If you’re in the incorrect channel this may cause issues with you being able to hear teammates if you are cross-playing on multiple platforms.

Fortnite has two channels to use:
Party Channeland Game Channel. In-game, you can switch between chat channels using the

  • Party Channelconnects players in the same party (queued up in the lobby together).
  • Game Channel
    connects players on the same team but in different parties (filled into a team-based game mode).

You might also be in Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat, both of which will keep Fortnite’s voice chat from working.

If you want to use Fortnite’s voice chat, you
leave Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat to use Fortnite voice chat, even if nobody else is there. If you don’t know how to leave Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat, please check out Microsoft or Sony support.

Adjust parental control settings

If you have parental controls turned on in Fortnite, you may need to change your settings so voice chat will work.

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In the parental control settings page, make sure
Filter Mature Language
is set to
Voice Chat
is set to

If you are under the Age of 10 and you are located in the UK or EU. You will not be able to use the Voice chat feature, regardless of the parental controls settings.

For more information on Parental Control check out this page.

Open required network ports

Our voice chat uses a protocol called XMPP. This protocol requires that the network ports 5222 and 433 are opened to be able to connect to it.  For more information on how to open your network ports check out this article here.

Xbox troubleshooting

Adjust DNS settings

You can adjust your DNS settings which may fix voice chat issues.

  1. Press the
    Xbox button
    on your controller.
  2. Go to
    System tab > Settings > Network > Select Network Settings > Advanced Settings.
  3. Save the existing DNS servers on this screen by writing them down on a separate piece of paper or your mobile device. If these changes don’t work, you can change them back to the original DNS settings.
  4. Select
    DNS settings, and then select
  5. Enter the following new DNS servers:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    You’ll need to enter both Primary and Secondary DNS settings.

  6. If you’re asked to set MTU, enter
  7. Retry voice chat.

Set your privacy and online safety settings for cross-platform play

Make sure your privacy and online safety settings are set up for cross-platform play.

  1. On Xbox, press the
    Xbox button
    to open the guide, and then go to
  2. Select
    Privacy & online safety
    Xbox Live privacy
    View details and customize
    Communication & multiplayer.
    If you’re setting up voice chat for a family member, from
    Account, select
    Family settings>
    Manage family members. Choose a family member, and then follow Step 2 above.
  3. Choose settings for the following options:
    • You can play with people outside of Xbox Live.
      This allows or prohibits all cross-network play. Click
      Allowto use voice chat.
    • You can communicate outside of Xbox Live with voice & text.
      When you allow cross-network play, you control who can communicate with you. Choose
      In-game friends.
  4. Retry voice chat.
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Clear Xbox cache

  1. Press and hold the power button on the front of the Xbox until it turns off completely.
  2. Pull the power cable out the back of the Xbox. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox several times to expel any remaining power and clear the cache. Leave unplugged for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cable back in.
  4. Turn the Xbox back on as you would normally.
  5. Please attempt to use your voice chat in Fortnite

Enable UPnP on your router

  1. Navigate to your router login page.
    Note:For more details on logging in to your router, search online for guides related to your specific model.
  2. Log in to your router using your router credentials.
  3. Navigate to the
    menu on your router.
    Note:The steps to find this menu vary between routers, so search for specifics on your router. If UPnP isn’t available, we recommend port forwarding.
  4. Enable
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Open the
    Settings app
    on your
  7. Select the
  8. Select the
    Test NAT
    type tile. You should now have Open NAT on your Xbox.
  9. Retry voice chat.

PlayStation troubleshooting

Adjust DNS Settings

You can adjust your DNS settings which may fix voice chat issues.

  1. Go to
    Setup internet connection.
  2. Choose your connection type.
    Options are Wifi or LAN. (LAN is much faster.)
  3. Choose Custom setup.
  4. Choose
    Automatic IP address settings.
  5. Do not specify a DHCP Hostname.
  6. For
    DNS Settings
  7. Enter the following Primary and Secondary DNS:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  8. Choose
    Test Internet Connection
    to make sure you’re still connected to the internet.
  9. Retry voice chat.

Note:Players on PlayStation 5 will experience voice chat interruptions when loading Fortnite but it should return after you successfully load into Fortnite.

Nintendo Switch troubleshooting

Adjust DNS Settings

You can adjust your DNS settings which may fix voice chat issues.

  1. From the Switch Main Menu go to
  2. Go to
  3. Go to Internet Settings.
  4. Select your connection and go to
    Change Settings.
  5. Adjust
    DNS Settingsto Manual.
  6. Enter the following Primary and Secondary DNS:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  7. Leave MTU Settings alone.
  8. Make sure Proxy Settings are turned
  9. Retry voice chat.
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PC troubleshooting

Windows Updates

Voice chat requires that Windows is fully updated. Make sure to run Windows Updates as outlined here.

Voice chat settings

Make sure you have voice chat enabled in settings and check whether you’re using
to communicate.

The default options should work for input and output devices as long as your Windows settings are set to the sound device you are using.

If you are having issues with voice chat not working, you can change your input or output devices to the sound device you are using.

To change your default devices:

  1. Click on
  2. Type
    Control Paneland press Enter.
  3. Click
  4. On the
    Playbacktab click the output device (Speakers/Headphones) you want to use as your default, and then right-click itand select Set as Default Device.
  5. Click the Recordingtab, then click the input device (microphone) you want to use as your default, and then right-click it and select
    Set as Default Device.
  6. Click
    Apply,and then click OK.

If you have Parental Controls enabled, you’ll have to enable voice chat in your
Parental Controlssettings to use it. Parental Controls settings can’t be changed in the normal audio settings.

Mac troubleshooting

Microphone permissions

Microphones on Macs need to be granted access to function in Fortnite.

To use your microphone successfully on your Mac, make sure Fortnite has permission to access it. Please visit this support article on Apple’s website to make sure Fortnite can use your microphone.

Adjust the SIP-ALG router setting

If you are using a router to connect to the internet you may need to disable the SIP-ALG setting to allow voice chat to work. Reach out to your router manufacturer for instructions on how to do this as this varies model to model.

Audio in Fortnite Not Working