Roku Problems Connecting to Internet

By | May 22, 2022
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Unwinding in front of the TV with your favorite show on and some popcorn after a long day at work is blissful. I was looking to do just that a couple of days ago, but soon after I switched on my TV, I realized that my Roku just wouldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi. I tried troubleshooting by myself for a bit, but when that didn’t really work, I turned to the internet.

As it turns out, among other problems like Roku overheating, one of the most common problems of Roku users is that sometimes the device does not connect to the wireless network. As common as this problem is, there are many ways to solve it, and they are also quite efficient.

I have done my research and put together a comprehensive guide in the form of this article to help you in case you face the same problem. So Let’s take a deep dive into the problem and its root causes.

To fix your Roku not connecting to WiFi, check if your internet is active. If it does not work, then try restarting Roku. This should usually fix it. Read on to see more troubleshooting tips for Roku not connecting to WiFi.

Check Your Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection should be the first thing on your mind when this problem pops up. On your Roku device, choose “Network” from the Settings and click on the “Check Connection” option available on the screen. This will analyze your connection speed and strength.

In case your signal strength is just too weak, the screen will display a set of instructions on how to solve the issue, and you just need to follow them step by step.

If your Roku doesn’t have a solid connection, it means that the network is experiencing issues. For example, your router could still be active but not connected to the internet, which would mean there’s a problem with your modem, or that the service is down temporarily.

Use the Right SSID and Password

The Service Set Identifier (SSID), also known as the Network ID, must be correct, and the same goes for your password. It may be as simple as a small mistake on our part that sets us off into a spiral of madness.

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The device automatically scans all the wireless networks in your vicinity, which would make it easier for you to identify your network. So make sure to stay off-network names that are similar. As for typing the password, take extra care and use the option of viewing it before hitting enter.

Relocate Roku Closer to the Router

In the cases where the signal shows weak strength, you can try placing your router and Roku closer together. Any physical obstructions in between your router and Roku can also lessen the strength of the network, so make sure to remove them too. The closer they are, the stronger the signal strength and the internet connectivity. This can even be a solution if your Roku’s Audio is out of sync.

Reboot Your Roku

Much like power cycling a device, rebooting your Roku can help clear up a lot of unwanted data and give your Roku a fresh speed boost. Although, if your Roku keeps restarting for no reason, that might indicate other problems with your device.

To restart Roku, choose System from the Settings menu and select the System Restart option from there.

This improves the performance of your Roku, and for even better functionality, you can always restart the router itself.

Reset Network Equipment

Resetting your network equipment like routers and the Roku device itself can be an excellent idea. Unplug your wireless router and the Roku device and replug them after 30 seconds. This will soft reset them.

However, it should only be adopted as an extreme measure. A reset can erase all your current internet settings; hence it is important that you note down your settings before resetting the device.

Disable Network Pings

Network pings can be another possibility preventing your Roku from connecting to the internet. Unfortunately, disabling network pings can be a bit tricky, so we suggest you stay patiently with our easy steps.

Since this feature is located in a hidden settings menu, you may have to navigate carefully by pressing the following buttons in the given order.

  • Press Home 5 times.
  • Press Fast Forward.
  • Press Play.
  • Press Rewind.
  • Press Play.
  • Press Fast Forward.
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From the menu that pops up, follow the next set of steps given as follows:

System Operations Menu→Network Menu→Disable Network Pings

Use a 5GHz Wi-Fi Band

For lower bandwidth activities, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is normally used. But the 2.4 GHz band is also prone to interference and signal obstructions. Thus employing a 5GHz Wi-Fi band would enable you to connect to your internet easily and stream appropriately. Your Roku is a device fit to work perfectly for higher bandwidths.

Check DNS Settings

DNS is simply the Domain Name System, and when the settings related to it are messed up, you may have to optimize them appropriately to get your internet to work efficiently. Follow the below-mentioned quick steps, and you’re back on track, good as new!

  • Login to your router with the user ID and password
  • Scroll to the DNS settings
  • Make the internal DNS address into the public DNS address

(Input in DNS1 and in DNS2)

  • Save changes and restart both Roku and router at the same time

This way, your Roku can be connected to the internet again.

Connect an Ethernet Cable to Roku

Ethernet cables are mainly used to connect your router to the internet entry port of your device. This option is not available for the Roku Stick but is a perfect fit for Roku TV and Roku player.

After connecting the cable manually between your device and router, go to the Network option in your settings. Next, choose the Wired option and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to set up an internet connection. The streaming will run smoothly with an optimized internet connection.

Contact Support

If none of the methods mentioned above work, it is finally time to contact Roku support. Under the troubleshooting heading in support, you can find “Connecting to your network.”

The people over at Roku customer support will be able to take a closer look at your device and determine what went wrong and where. Be sure to tell them your problem clearly and the steps you’ve taken till now to try and solve it. This will help them assist you better.

Final Thoughts

There are basically a range of reasons on both the user’s and device’s part for your internet connection to not work with Roku, but they’re all fixable easily enough.

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From what we have discussed so far, the not-so-serious issues include connection trouble due to distance between device and router, signal strength, and incorrect typing on the user’s part. On the other hand, slightly complicated issues like network equipment, network pings, Wi-Fi bandwidth, DNS settings, etc., may need more serious attention and if you cannot do this on your own, call for a technician.

Do keep in mind that there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it other than to wait it out if there is an internet outage. So be patient. You can use your mobile data as a hotspot, but be sure that you have a hotspot plan or will end up getting charged extra for it.

Though customer support is given as the final option, never hesitate to contact help for any part of the step that is too complicated to handle alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reset a Roku password?

The forgot password option in the Roku website enables you to enter your email id in the space provided. On hitting enter, you will receive a password reset email with complete instructions.

How do I get to the Roku secret menu?

Press the following buttons on the remote control in order:

Home (5 times) → Fast Forward → Play → Rewind → Play → Fast Forward

What is my Roku PIN?

A Roku PIN (personal identification number) is a four-digit code you can set up from your Roku account to help manage payments and channel additions.

How do I activate my Roku?

The activation process starts automatically when your Roku is connected to the internet. Enter your email address when prompted. You will receive an activation email from Roku. Click on the activation link provided within. After getting redirected to the Roku website, you can create a free account and finish the process.

Roku Problems Connecting to Internet