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By | May 22, 2022

Attention this is not my article, I have translated Russian into English.

Here is the original:

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What do we know about a game like Minecraft? It was made in 2009 by Notch. It has 3 thousand something versions. We know that not all versions are available in our launchers. These are versions with minimal updates or poorly performing. But there are versions that are called “lost”. These are versions that are not available in the network and launchers. one of them will be discussed.

Error 422 is the lost and scariest version of our favorite game. But it wasn’t like this before. Previously, it was a snapshot of an unknown version that was supposed to turn the whole game around. In this version, all possible game codes were rewritten from scratch. But something went wrong. The game, as it were, “came to life” and began to do everything that it wants. So the creature that has the name glitch appeared. At one point, this game disappeared completely, as if it never existed. But once it is back online, you can download it from the links to this version.

This version meets us with a destroyed main screen in which most of the buttons are not working. You can only create a world in survival. The version is calm at first and studies us. But then it takes effect. From the usual sound changes to the release of the glitch itself. Everything possible can happen in it: the stack can change the value, blocks can not have a name, change the unit of experience, etc. Instead of the usual music, eternal, untiring white noise that can drive everyone mad. You can never figure out what the game will do.

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Download link (Updated and no viruses):https://www.mediafire.com/file/8zloxfpdvf8sowi/54_45_53_54_.rar/file

Download link (gamejolt):


What will happen to you in the game?


Looks like this

  • A screamer may also pop up.
  • Glitch or Err422 (whatever you want to call it) When an Entity appears in front of you it can kill you it is impossible to escape and kill (if you have a bed, you can safely respawn).

    • The entity can crash you from the game, first the entity appears in front of you in a distorted sound glitch, then a big red symbol will appear in the chat and then the game crashes.


Where did this version come from?


Майнкрафт КРИПИПАСТА – Error422 😨 НИКОГДА не скачивай эту ПРОКЛЯТУЮ версию! (minecraft creepypasta)


It was January 2022.

One boy named Alexander was sitting at lessons when suddenly in discord wrote to him an incomprehensible person with a very strange nickname, he threw him a video called “M̶i̶n̶e̶c̶r̶a̶f̶t̶ ERR422 54 45 53 54” in the description there was a link to download a file that was incomprehensible to him as it turned out later it was not just a file but the most real infernal minecraft and after a couple of hours he regretted that he opened it…


  • Error 422 is actually modded release 1.5.2
    • The mod contains an “anticheat” that detects if the player is in creative mode or has cheats enabled. If it detects that the player is in creative mode or has cheats enabled, it will crash the game.
    • While the multiplayer button is disabled, it is still possible to view the server list by being automatically kicked by spamming the chat in game.
      • This allows the client to join 1.5.2 servers as long as the server is in offline mode.
    • The game is hardcoded to use the O.S. user account name regardless of whether a username is passed to the client through launch arguments or applet parameters.
      • Despite this, the sessionid can still be passed to the client as normal.
    • The creator of the mod manually obfuscated the jar themselves leading to it having completely different mappings from vanilla 1.5.2
      • MinecraftApplet was obfuscated, preventing launchers that use MinecraftApplet from launching the game
        • When the game is patched and ran from the applet, several things are broken as the mod creator put some initialization code in the main method of Minecraft.class meaning that some things are broken when the game is ran from the applet
    • While the bonus chest cant be enabled by default, it can still be enabled by manually editing level.dat with a NBT editor or by launching the game with demo flag and playing on the demo world
  • Error 422 is often distributed in the form of an exe file which contains the jar within
    • Said exe is hardcoded to use a specific version of jre
    • The jar inside seems to be encrypted making it harder to extract
      • Despite this, the jar can still easily be obtained as it is temporarily placed in the temp folder while the game is running
        • The jar file contains LWJGL and Jinput meaning that the game can be ran without needing external lwjgl and jinput jars in the classpath.

Minecraft Error 422 Free Download

Source: https://minecraftcreepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Error_422