What Huh Mean in Text

By | May 24, 2022

Translate That Text! 25 Texts Girls Send and What They Really Mean

Photo taken by: Meagan Broucek

By: Jessica Roberts

Have you ever been texting a girl and she replies with some cryptic message? You have no clue what she means, and you have no clue what to say back? Are you desperate for a way to decode these messages? Below are 25 text messages that girls send and what they really mean.


  • If it is after bad news or a somewhat rude sentence, it is her way of trying to make it sound nicer. If it is after a regular sentence, she just added it so the sentence would seem happier.


  • She is mad; very mad. Try to fix it.

“haha yeah”

  • It is her way of saying, “This conversation is ending, so come up with a new one or end it.”

“… so what are you up to?”

  • This means the previous conversation got boring, and she would much rather talk about something else. Ask what she is doing after you answer or the conversation will end.

“ok lol”

  • She just wanted to say ok, but did not want it to sound mean, so she added lol.

“that’s good”

  • Whatever you’re talking about probably only concerns you, and it is getting boring.


  • Either she is excited for what was asked, or she just could not think of anything else to say, but did not want to end the conversation.


  • She is ending the conversation. It is up to you to start a new one.
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“:)” or “!”

  • She likes texting you.


  • She is probably getting annoyed and wants to stop talking.


  • She is mad and just agreeing to end the conversation.


  • Something exciting, unexpected, unfortunate, or unbelievable just happened.

“umm no”

  • She is thinking, “Why would you even ask that?”

“umm sure”

  • She is tentatively agreeing because she is not thrilled about whatever you are talking about.


  • She is thinking, “Fine. I’m done. Stop talking to me.”


  • Simply means okay.

“gee thanks”

  • Sarcastic thank you.


  • She is wondering what you mean and what you are talking about. It is almost like asking a question; she wants further explanation.

“that’s cool”

  • Almost the same thing as “that’s good,” except she is most likely reacting to a boring story.


  • She is not very happy and just wants to drop the subject.

“such a good friend”

  • She literally means just friends, in the friend-zone.

“I’ll let you know”

  • Half the time, she means she needs to check her plans and will let you know. The other half of the time, she is just saying “no” in a nice way, and she will not get back to you.

“yeah definitely!”

  • This means she is excited and very interested in what you said.

“uh huh”

  • This is a sarcastic way of saying “I believe you.” She really does not believe you, so you better explain.

“we’ll see”

  • Almost the same meaning as “I’ll let you know,” except it is more likely to mean no, and she will not get back with you.
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  • Usually means she really does not know, but is sometimes used to avoid answering an unwanted question.

What Huh Mean in Text

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