Cosas Con V en Ingles

By | May 25, 2022

Cuando se trata de aprender un nuevo idioma, parte importante de ese aprendizaje es aumentar nuestro vocabulario. Una buena manera de conociendo nuevas palabras es estudiarlas por la letra por la que comienzan. En este artículo te mostraremos una lista de
palabras en inglés con V.

La idea es que poco a poco vayas incluyendo nuevas palabras a tu vocabulario para que puedas expresar todo lo que quieres sabiendo exactamente cómo decirlo.

Palabras en inglés con V

La lista a continuación contiene 50 palabras en inglés con V que puedes aprender para aumentar tu vocabulario. Verás la palabra en inglés así como su traducción al español así como dos ejemplos de cómo puedes usarlas en una oración.

1. Vacations – Vacaciones

  • I need some good vacations to the Caribbean
  • Where did you go on your last vacations?

2. Vaccine – Vacuna

  • He had to have the toxoid vaccine
  • I took my dog to get his new vaccines

3. Veterinarian – Veterinario

  • The veterinarian told me he had to have surgery
  • I took my cat to see the veterinarian and he is too fat

4. Vegetables – Vegetales

  • I had to go to the supermarket to get more vegetables for my chop suey recipe
  • My youngest son doesn’t like vegetables at all

5. Volume – Volúmen

  • The party was wild; the music was playing at a very loud volume
  • Turn up the volume so you can hear me better

6. Vanilla – Vainilla

  • I love my coffee with vanilla
  • Her perfume has a touch of vanilla and lavander

7. Vast – Vasto

  • The Grand Canyon is such a vast landscape
  • There is a vast difference between me and my sister

8. Vegan – Vegano

  • I became vegan two years ago
  • We tried vegan hot dogs and they were actually very good

9. Vehicle – Vehículo

  • There is a three vehicle collision in the other street
  • What kind of vehicle is that?

10. Velocity – velocidad

  • It was a high velocity collision
  • She learned the dance moves with such a velocity it left me stunt

11. Velvet – Terciopelo

  • My new shoes are made of deep blue velvet
  • The couch is so comfortable; it is covered with velvet cushions

12. Vendor – Vendedor

  • There are so many street vendors today at the farmer’s market

  • He is working as a door to door vendor

13. Verify – Verificar

  • I need to verify the payment to deliver your food
  • You have to verify your account

14. Verses – Versos

  • She wrote him some beautiful verses for his birthday
  • How many verses does this poem has?

15. Vertical – Vertical

  • She has beautiful vertical blinds
  • He drew three vertical lines and then started painting over them

16. Very – Muy

  • I’m very happy today because my dad is visiting for the weekend
  • Liam was very sad when he had to move out of his apartment

17. Vibrant – Vibrante

  • Those are such vibrant colors
  • New York is a vibrant and fascinating city

18. Victim – Víctima

  • She was playing the victim but I was right
  • Alexa was the victim of a robbery last night

19. Victory – Victoria

  • And the victory went to the local team
  • It was a victory to me when I got my promotion

20. Village – Villa/Pueblo

  • As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child
  • We visited a very small and beautiful village near the ocean

21. Vinegar – Vinagre

  • He uses vinegar to clean the bathroom
  • I love the taste of vinegar in my salads

22. Violent – Violento/Violenta

  • Sheila is a very violent person
  • The past one was the most violent storm of the decade

23. Virtual – Virtual

  • We are having only virtual classes this semester
  • She is a virtual prisoner of her husband

24. Visibility – Visibilidad

  • The disabled community is only looking for more visibility
  • That night there was such poor visibility I couldn’t see the car in front of mine

25. Visitor – Visitante

  • You need to use a visitor’s pass to enter the building
  • He was a visitor I didn’t want to have at home

26. Vitamins – Vitaminas

  • Older people need to take additional vitamins to be healthier
  • This food has a lot of vitamins perfect for the kids

27. Vocalist – Vocalista

  • I really love the new vocalist of the band
  • My daughter dreams of becoming a jazz vocalist

28. Vague – Vago

  • I have a very vague idea of how to get to your house
  • His memory is very vague since the car accident

29. Voice – Voz

  • Alma has such a beautiful singing voice!
  • He raised his voice and everyone stopped screaming

30. Void – Vacío

  • He left a big void when he died
  • She told me, void of emotion, that she wanted to end everything

31. Volcano – Volcán

  • We visited the biggest volcano of the island
  • It was a volcano of emotions when I saw him again

32. Volunteer – Voluntario

  • Henry is a volunteer at the animal shelter
  • Sherry was the best volunteer this year in the school trip

33. Vote – Voto

  • You really have to vote in these next elections
  • Who did you vote for?

34. Vulnerable – Vulnerable

  • Kids are very vulnerable and need all of our attention
  • Grandma has being very vulnerable after grandpa’s dead

35. Virtues – Virtudes

  • Alexa knows how to listen, that is one of her virtues
  • Writing is one of Oscar’s virtues. He can write with such ease everything he wants to

36. Value – Valor

  • This house has a sentimental value to all of us
  • He values his life very much, that is why he always uses the seatbelt

37. Video – Video

  • She recorded an entire video at the theatre, it was great
  • Have you seen Enzo’s new music video?

38. Vacant – Vacante

  • We bought a house that has been vacant for 2 years

  • All of these apartments are completely vacant

39. Vacuum Cleaner- Aspiradora

  • My vacuum cleaner broke down yesterday
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair from the couch

40. Valley – Valle

  • We visited a very beautiful valley near the city
  • They moved to the valley 3 years ago

41. Vengeance – Venganza

  • He wanted vengeance after his dog was stolen
  • She suddenly said with a vengeance that she will do whatever she wanted

42. Veteran – Veterano

  • Andy’s dad is a war veteran
  • My dad was a police veteran when he started his new business

43. Vocabulary – Vocabulario

  • Learning new words will improve your vocabulary
  • She has a very vast vocabulary in French

44. Vineyard – Viñedo

  • In Spain we visited some great vineyard and tested delicious wine
  • I would like to have a vineyard in my farm

45. Voltage – Voltaje

  • He suffer a high voltage discharge but he’s fine now
  • You have to check the voltage information of the refrigerator before buying it

46. Virus – Virus

  • There is a terrible virus swiping the city nowadays
  • She has a stomach virus so she won’t be able to make it to the meeting

47. Vow – Voto

  • Do you remember your wedding vows?
  • I vow to take care of mom till the end, and I plan on doing it

48. Vomit – Vómito

  • Sarah, did you vomit last night?
  • The food didn’t seat well with me; I actually had to vomit to feel better

49. Vivacious – Vivaz

  • Austin is such a vivacious kid
  • She is a vivacious and beautiful girls

50. Vulgar – Vulgar

  • I don’t like her, I thing she is too vulgar
  • A good young man is not that vulgar; measure your words

Para ayudarte a mejorar tu vocabulario hemos organizado para ti esta lista comprensiva de
50 palabras en inglés con V. Además de esto, puedes ver su traducción al español así como dos ejemplos de oraciones en los que estas palabras se han utilizado. Esto te ayudará a tener una idea de cómo puedes utilizarlas para formar oraciones con ideas precisas.

Si aprendes estas palabras en inglés con V habrás aumentado tu léxico conociendo quizás otra manera de decir algunas cosas con palabras diferentes.

Cosas Con V en Ingles


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