What Is Plural of Tooth

By | May 26, 2022

Toothache is among the most annoying pains we all must contend with at some point in our lives. In many cases, the pain is severe enough that it becomes not just an annoyance but a major problem we must address or else be completely miserable.

Tooth pain, however, is a sign that the healthy equilibrium in that part of the body has been upset. Medical professionals know that you should not just treat symptoms and leave the underlying causes ignored. Tooth pain could be an indicator of a crack in the tooth, tooth decay, gum disease, or still more dangerous, a festering infection. The results of any of these, left untreated, could be dire. As such, before you comfort yourself with fast tooth pain relief, you had better set an appointment with a qualified dentist to have the underlying problem examined.

When it comes to temporary relief of tooth pain, try any of the following five remedies. To solve the problem for good, however, a dentist’s help will be necessary.

Use Painkillers for Pain Relief

Painkillers such as Advil are an effective solution for fast tooth pain relief. Advil is an anti-inflammatory medicine which inhibits the feeling of pain in the body. As such, it makes a very effective solution for tooth aches.

It is important, however, to not take more than the recommended dose of Advil. Going beyond the recommended limits can result in adverse health conditions. For example, an Advil dose beyond the recommended quantity can damage the intestines as well as other internal organs.

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In general, only take painkillers for a toothache according to the guidelines issued by the maker of the drug, or a medical doctor who has prescribed the painkiller to you. Some painkillers, especially more powerful ones, can only be obtained with a prescription from a medical doctor or dentist.

Warm Water and Salt Solution

If the pain is not severe enough to demand painkillers, you can opt for a home remedy for tooth pain instead. The first such home remedy is to rinse the problem tooth or teeth with warm water and salt. While this will help some people, in certain cases, depending on the problem, it won’t do as much good. If the problem is deep in the gum, you might still be in immense pain regardless of applying this home remedy. If, however, the irritation is caused by an irritant that can be washed away easily with the mix of warm water and salt, you can get tremendous relief.

Sometimes certain foods will cause inflammation of gums and tooth pain. With a warm water rinse that includes an ample amount of salt, the remains of the food, including any troublesome chemicals, will dissipate. If this remedy does not work for you, you can try a solution that numbs the pain receptors around the tooth instead.

Using Ice Around the Teeth

If you are absolutely pressed for fast tooth pain relief and there is nothing else handy, you can reach for some ice at home. Place some ice in a towel and press it against the area with the pain to numb it. You can also use an ice pack. In addition, you can take small ice blocks and place them in the mouth around the painful teeth.

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Use a Pain Relief Gel for Tooth Ache

To take away the feeling of pain effectively, you can also try a cooling gel that numbs the problem area. In many cases, this will restore comfort as it limits the activity in the pain receptors. The feeling of pain will be gone. However, the effects of a cooling gel last only a few hours in most cases. Then, the pain can flare up again.

If your pain is intense and you have already arranged to meet with a dentist for treatment, then using a cooling gel can bridge the time until your dentist appointment. You can pick up a gel such as Orajel or Iglu Gel at a local Walgreens, Rite Aid or other pharmacies.

Disinfecting With Hydrogen Peroxide

To temporarily deal with a festering infection that causes pain in the tooth or gum, you should use a disinfecting solution such as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can kill off minor infections and cause the pain from those infections to subside. You can buy hydrogen peroxide at a local pharmacy or even at the grocery store.

To apply hydrogen peroxide, pour out some of the liquid in a container and then use it to rinse your mouth. Pour extra amounts of the liquid on and around the problem tooth to get the most effect out of the disinfectant.

Under no circumstances, however, should you swallow the hydrogen peroxide, as doing so could cause severe stomach ache.

What Is Plural of Tooth

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